Review comments inside the book:

“This lavishly illustrated book tells the fascinating and at times controversial story of two families, the Barrys and the Brunels, over several generations … Their legacy includes the iconic Houses of Parliament … as well as an enduring influence on their respective professions. Nick von Behr brings passion and knowledge to his subject. He has produced an engaging and original book that deserves a wide readership.”
Dr Peter Collins, Emeritus Director, The Royal Society

"A comprehensive and fascinating overview of the impact of the two families chiefly responsible for Britain’s built environment in the nineteenth-century. The author ably demonstrates the manner in which nineteenth-century Britain rapidly created its own professional world of commercial-engineers, consulting-architects and project-managing surveyors, the legacy of which we still live with internationally."
David McKinstry, architectural historian and conservation advisor

“The book is intriguing, empathic, well researched, and offers a hugely respectful and detailed portrayal of the Brunel, Barry, and subsequently Wolfe Barry families … I'm honoured that my forefathers envisioned and brought to life so many iconic and enduring structures. Your labour of love is greatly appreciated!”
Andrew Wolfe Barry, great great grandson of Sir John Wolfe Barry

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"The engineering and architectural professions rose to international pre-eminence in the 19th century. Von Behr’s lively, incisive book compares and contrasts the workings of the Barry and Brunel dynasties and illuminates a great period of technological achievement, harnessed to outstanding architectural prowess." By Dr Jenny Freeman, historian of Sir Horace Jones, the Corporation of London architect who produced the original designs for Tower Bridge (November 2020).